Home Building Moves Toward Smart, Green Construction By Stephen F. Been

The explosion in smart technology in telecommunications and other sectors will continue to find their way into the construction industry over the next several years. Mobile technology will affect nearly every room and activity in the home, including the way that people monitor their lights and electricity, temperature, and even showering preferences.

Technology already exists to allow homeowners to monitor and adjust the temperature in their homes from anywhere in the world. Other products provide energy-efficient ventilation control that detects changes in motion and humidity throughout the day.

In addition to smart technology, the trend toward green construction practices continues to build steam. Of the many up-and-coming construction products on the market, most contain eco-friendly or recycled material. Improvements are also being made in the aesthetic appeal of these materials, which makes them attractive to both builders and consumers.

About Stephen F. Been:

Stephen F. Been is the CEO of the real estate construction and development firm Legacy Communities. Mr. Been was named Homebuilder of the Year by Professional Builder Magazine in 2009.

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